·               Lobbied for and helped design the Castle Downs Recreation Centre which  

             opened in September 1989.  Work on this project started in 1983.  The Society donated

             $50,000  to furnish the Centre.

·            Established a unique partnership with the YMCA, the City, and the  

             Southwest Area Council that saw two new family YMCAs built  

             in Edmonton.  The Castle Downs YMCA opened in June 1998.  Work on this

             project started in 1993.  The CDRS raised more than $300,000 towards the

             YMCA’s $5 million capital fundraising campaign.

·            Constructed the Castle Downs Water Park at the west end  

             of Castle Downs Park.  The CDRS raised about $200,000 to see this project  

             completed in 1996.  The park was designed with the input of students from

             Mary Butterworth Junior High.  It was built with volunteer labour.

·            Partnered with the City of Edmonton to build an indoor waterslide at Grand

             Trunk Pool.  The CDRS and community leagues contributed $20,000 towards

             the capital cost of $65,000.

·            Constructed the Castle Downs Skateboard Park that opened in June

             2006.  The CDRS raised $250,000 and received grants worth $250,000.  The

             City invested $300,000.

·            Redevelopment of the Playground/Water Park in 2010. ($2.4 M).  The CDRS

             will contribute $300,000, the City $800,000, the province $500,000 and the

             federal government $800,000.

·            Participated in the North East Area Councils Association to pursue a NE

             health centre.






·            Annual Castle Downs Hockey School:  an affordable summer hockey school.

·            Free Saturday evening swim for community league members at the YMCA.

·            Free Sunday afternoon swim for community league members at Grand  

             Trunk Pool.

·            Free Saturday skate for community league members at the Castle Downs  

             Recreation Centre.

·            Summer playground program at the Castle Downs Water Park.

·            Summer skateboard park programs at the skateboard park.

·            Various other programs have been offered over the years

             (e.g., teen dances, pre-school)

·            Donations to various community groups on an application basis

·            Total annual investment in programs = $10,000 per year; total investment

             to date = $200,000.




Community Issues


·            Facilitated discussion on the Women’s Prison.

·            Created a partnership with Canada Lands to ensure responsible

             development of the Griesbach area. 






Communication and Public Involvement


·            1984 and 1993 Needs Surveys to provide a basis for lobbying and planning.

·            Public meetings on program statements for the Recreation Centre, the

             YMCA and Water Park.

·            Publication of the Castle News on behalf of the community leagues in

             Castle Downs.

·            Co-sponsored Community Connexions with Social Services in the early


·            Liaison with the EFCL through its District structure.

·            Publication of a Community Directory in January 2001.




Sustaining Activities


·             Volunteer Appreciation Night

·             Fundraising (bingos, casinos, auctions, Variety Show, fashion show) that   

              generate an annual income of about    $50,000.  In addition we have received  

              about $1.8 M in grants since the mid-1990s.

·             Castle Downs Variety Show that is a fun fundraiser (close to $250,000 to  

              date over 25 years).

·             Shareholder and member in ENEBA Bingo Hall.  Member in

              Kensington Bingo Hall.

·              Productive partnerships with groups like the Castle Downs Family YMCA and  

               Canada Lands Corporation (the developer for Griesbach who provides a $5,000 donation to the CDRS 

               each year).