The Castle Downs Recreation Society (CDRS) had its roots as an Advisory Committee of Area Recreation Council Number One. The Committee was formed in 1983 with representatives of the community leagues in Castle Downs and several other members from Area One. The "first project" was the construction of a major recreation facility in the area. The Society was formally registered in 1987. Overtime the CDRS evolved to take on a broader range of facilities and issues, as well as delivering a variety of programs.


The Society has a well established record of successful accomplishments. Over its 35 year history it has directly invested over $1,000,000 dollars in the Castle Downs area. Combined with provincial and federal grants of about $2 million, the total community investment is close to $3 million dollars.


The CDRS has delivered facilities worth $20 million - Castle Downs Recreation Centre ($5.2 million), sports fields and parking ($1 million), YMCA ($8 million), Playground and Water Park ($400,000), Skateboard Park ($800,000) and Castle Downs District Park Redevelopment ($2.4 million)


In addition to being involved in community issues in Castle Downs, the Society has worked with other organizations on issues of importance to North Edmonton.


The commitment of the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton YMCA cannot be overstated. The City invested over $6 million in the Recreation Centre, close to $1.5 million in sports fields and parking, and $1,000,000 in the park redevelopment done in 2015. The YMCA, in partnership with the City, invested over $8 million in the Castle Downs YMCA.