Community Events & Winterfest 2019
















                                                        Skate & Swim



The CDRS sponsors a free skate and swim program for any holders of a community league membership at the following locations.



Skate: Castle Downs Recreation Centre
Arena B


Swim:  Grand Trunk Leisure Centre:  
     Sunday:          4:15 pm - 5:45 pm 
     Wednesday:    8:00 am - 10:00 am

    Saturday:        6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Great Pallet Parade


Whereas CDRS is tasked with providing recreational opportunities for the citizens of Castledowns;


Whereas we live in a city that is covered by snow and ice for at least eleven- and one-half months of the year;


Whereas we are growing our tradition of hosting a Winter Festival to celebrate our major season;


Whereas we need a unique event to anchor the Festival to draw interest and new participation


“I move that CDRS establishes an Annual Pallet Parade to be held during the Winter Festival.”


Teams will build and decorate a pallet.  They will then push, pull, drag this sled along a path.  Think of a one-at-a-time parade.  The big idea is to get people to work together and be outside doing something stupid.


There will be prizes.  Yahoo! 


Best decorated corporate sled.

Most community members on a sled. I suggest CDRS sponsors this event. Prize will be a pizza party.

Best decorated family sled - I am sponsoring this contest and will award a grand prize for the best decorated family sled.


The rules will be:


     Each sled must be built on a standard wooden pallet (40” x 48”).  Up to three pallets may be used as a base.

     The pallet may have devices attached below to help it slide over the snow.

     The ratio of riders to propellers cannot exceed five propellers (yes that is a real word) for everyone rider. (You can’t have one rider and six people pulling). 

     The sled must be able to be propelled 47 big steps.

     It must be people powered only.  NO engines, NO dog teams, NO cats.

     The pallet may not be higher than 15 cm above the ground.

     All teams must be CDRS community members. (How do I become one? Sign up for a membership at with one of these great community leagues: Baturyn, Carlisle, Caernarvon, Dunluce, Lorelei-Beaumaris  or Cumberland Oxford)

     The total sled (including riders) must not weigh more than six African elephants.

     The maximum height is 68 meters. Maximum width is 3 meters. Maximum length is 7.589 meters.

     All participants will sign a waiver acknowledging that they are aware that this is stupid and impending death is highly likely.